Polished concrete floors work beautifully in a variety of settings, from residential properties to high-traffic public spaces. The 175,000 square feet of new flooring installed in San Marcos High School in California prove this perfectly, offering an easy to clean, durable, and aesthetically interesting flooring choice for the recently renovated school; however, as with most large scale projects, this one had a solid lists of twists and turns.

The building itself was constructed in the 1960s, and after several decades, it was decidedly run down. The school district opted to renovate the building as well as expand it, to the tune of $150 million. In an effort to find flooring that would stand up to decades of thousands of students and faculty traipsing over it, the school district opted for polished concrete school floors with a scaled down three-step grinding process and no color additives. Polished concrete in California is often ground much more extensively, achieving a near mirror-like reflective quality, making the flooring in San Marcos High School an interesting departure from the norm.
San Marcos High School Polished Concrete Floors
The polished concrete was used throughout common areas, corridors, and in most classrooms, making up the bulk of the school’s flooring. The project, spanning several months, was conducted in stages, which required installers to take special care with the concrete: weather conditions dramatically alter the drying process of polished concrete floors; in order to achieve a uniform effect, contractors added dyes when necessary to create a cohesive flooring system.

Despite the legwork and detailed coordination necessary to complete the project, San Marcos High School is yet another example of the stunning beauty and functionality of polished concrete floors.