polished concrete slip

Polished concrete flooring is an ideal surface material for a wide variety of applications ranging from retail, industrial, office space, and more. But like all flooring materials, ensuring that your concrete floor is safe for use in a wide variety of environments is essential. Slip coefficients help installers determine how slip-resistant polished concrete flooring is, making it easier to install the right kind of concrete flooring in your commercial, industrial, or office space.

What is a Slip Coefficient?

Slip coefficients, also known as the coefficient of friction, describe the level of traction that polished flooring of any kind provides to people or objects moving across it. It describes how resistant the flooring is to slipping in wet and dry conditions. Different materials have different minimum slip coefficients that are necessary to make them safe for everyday use.

How are Slip Coefficients Determined?

To determine the slip coefficient necessary for safe use of polished concrete flooring, flooring experts utilize devices that simulate different kinds of traction and movement scenarios. One such device, the BOT 3000, actually rubs against the flooring material to simulate pedestrian movement. This allows the machine to provide a numerical measurement of how much traction was produced, which is the slip coefficient.

How Slip-Resistant Should My Flooring Be?

Polished concrete floors installed by a professional installation and finishing service can be designed to provide optimal slip-resistance for the safety of your employees, customers, and coworkers. Although natural stone and linoleum surfaces tend to be more slippery than polished concrete, treatments and conditioners can be applied in special circumstances to make polished concrete flooring even more slip resistant. Consult a polished concrete finishing service to determine the slip resistance needs in your specific environment.

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