polished concrete benefits

Available in an array of colors and designs, polished concrete is a versatile, multi-purpose flooring material that can provide home and business owners with years of satisfactory performance. Ideal for virtually any industrial or commercial setting, polished concrete has become a popular choice among business owners and property developers because of the following benefits:

Durability One of polished concrete’s major selling points, especially once its aesthetic appeal has been factored in, is its longevity. When properly cared for, polished concrete flooring will last for a minimum of ten years. Many owners of commercial enterprises that are fitted with polished concrete find that their flooring actually lasts for 20 years or more. When compared to carpet, hardwood, and various tile flooring options, polished concrete can last between two and five times as long.

Ease of Maintenance What could be better than a flooring material that can easily withstand a decade or two of heavy use? How about a flooring option that lasts that long but requires relatively little attention, and is prone to neither cracks nor staining? A regular cleaning schedule, coupled with attentiveness to spills and periodic burnishing practices, is all that polished concrete needs in order to retain its integrity. A polished concrete floor can take a daily beating; but as long as agitates are removed and the floor is cleaned daily, its beauty will endure.

Sustainability For those in commerce and industry who are looking to secure LEED certification for their facilities, polished concrete is a great choice. The materials used in polished concrete can be recycled on-site for use in other applications. Cleaning polished concrete does not require the use of any harmful chemicals. And concrete’s thermal mass can help reduce the amount of energy that is required to heat or cool a building.

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