diamond abrasive polished floor

To the untrained eye, polished concrete seems like little more than regular concrete with a glossy shine. While its appearance certainly is different, however, polished concrete is much more than that. Here is some information about the role of diamond abrasive during the concrete polishing process.

What Are Diamond Abrasives?

When concrete is initially poured, it is relatively rough. The surface will be covered with undulations and scratches. Although this does not necessarily detract from the durability of the concrete, it can certainly make the floor uncomfortable to walk on, especially if the floor is for indoor use. This is where diamond abrasives come in. Diamond abrasives are essentially sophisticated sand papers. They are used to refine the surface by removing the peaks and valleys of the concrete. By applying diamond abrasives of various coarseness, we can gradually take a rough piece of concrete and transform it into a smooth, polished surface.

What Are the Advantages of Diamond Abrasives?

Many companies that manufacture polished concrete rely on chemicals and other methods in order to create the polished, shiny look that you expect. Unfortunately, these materials can actually compromise the durability of your polished concrete floor. Diamond abrasives allow us to polish the concrete without damaging its reliability. This means that you can expect your polished concrete to hold up for years to come. Furthermore, diamond abrasives allow for maximum reflective clarity and durability without the use of sealers or other topical coatings.

Don’t let an inferior product compromise your next building project. The use of diamond abrasives ensures a polished concrete floor that is attractive and durable, all without the use of sealers and coatings. If you want to learn more about the role of diamond abrasives in the concrete polishing process, call PolishedCrete at 855-879-7654.