advantages of polished concrete

If you own or operate a warehouse, you are responsible for facility upkeep. Each square foot you have adds to the time and money you will need to spend in order to keep the floors properly clean. To streamline maintenance, you should choose a flooring material that does not require constant care or frequent expensive cleanings. Polished concrete is the perfect choice for a warehouse because it:

Creates a Safe Surface for Warehousing Activity
In order to ensure worker safety in a warehouse, the floor needs to be as level as possible and not slippery. Uneven surfaces cause tall stacks of boxes and crates to become unstable, which can result in catastrophic accidents. Also, workers will need to drive and operate trucks and forklifts inside the space, so they need a smooth, non-slippery surface that they can drive on easily.

Insulates Against Temperature Extremes
Concrete does not have high thermal conductivity, which means that it takes a long time to heat up or cool down. This creates an insulating effect, since during a hot day a concrete floor will stay cool for longer than many other materials, and during a cold evening it will retain all the heat it has slowly absorbed during the day, helping to balance out temperature fluctuations.

Requires Very Little Maintenance
Tile floors can be difficult to clean because of the grout joints, and tile will easily crack if any heavy objects fall on it. Carpet is impractical for a warehouse because you cannot drive lift trucks on it. Wood requires constant staining, sanding, and sealing. Solid stone is prohibitively expensive. When you install an economical polished concrete floor in your warehouse, all you have to do to keep it clean is dust mop it and periodically wash it with a neutral floor cleaner.

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