concrete floor restaurant

In the restaurant and food service business, your choice of flooring material is very important to how comfortable and safe your business is. With in-house safety standards, sanitation requirements, state inspections, and maintenance needs, the flooring you choose needs to be durable and versatile in all kinds of conditions. With polished concrete flooring, meeting all of these needs while providing a comfortable ambiance for diners is a breeze.

Versatility of Concrete

Concrete flooring in a restaurant or food service setting can take many different forms. Its main advantage over other materials like epoxy, tile, or rubber is its customizability. Concrete can be produced in any number or combination of colors for a totally unique look. Use concrete flooring to simulate the look of natural stone, or even stencil or score a design in your floors to welcome customers. The possibilities for your restaurant flooring are virtually limitless with polished concrete.

Practical and Beautiful in any Restaurant

In addition to serving every stylistic or aesthetic you’re your restaurant has, concrete is an affordable and low-maintenance flooring material that meets California standards for health and safety in restaurants. In many cases, the preexisting sub-base under your current restaurants flooring can serve as the primary flooring. Once a sealer, coloring, and other aesthetic features at added, your concrete coloring will be beautiful, slip resistant, and easy to clean. You’ll never have to worry about moisture, spilled foods and beverages, and debris from the outdoors ruining the comfort and safety of your restaurant ever again!

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