polished concrete maintenance

Polished concrete provides business owners with a safe and attractive flooring option that is durable enough to withstand the heavy everyday use to which it is subjected. In the world of flooring, polished concrete is considered to be a low-maintenance material. If you make a concerted effort to have members of your team follow the polished concrete maintenance guidelines set forth in this article, the polished concrete floors in your business will long outlast many of your business environment’s other design elements.

Basic Daily Cleaning If you have polished concrete flooring in your business, it should be cleaned with a broom and dry brush mop at the end of every day. This simple procedure should be followed up with an auto scrubber once-over or, alternatively, a mop and bucket. Even though polished concrete is relatively stain resistant, it is also important to attend to any spills as soon as they are detected.

Weekly Cleaning Complements To remove hidden cleaner residue and abrasive materials, a thorough auto scrubbing and floor conditioning should be carried out once a week. This is especially necessary for grocery markets, retail stores, restaurants, and other high-traffic environments.

Periodic Maintenance Necessities Occasional burnishing with diamond impregnated pads is essential to maintaining that sheer look for which polished concrete floors are known. The recommended frequency of this maintenance step may vary from once a month to once every six months, depending on your floor’s use and the burnishing materials you use.

The Importance of Using Appropriate Materials Polished concrete is a reactive surface, and the use of acidic cleaners will cause undesirable results. For this reason, it is important to use cleaners that are specifically designed and approved for use on polished concrete. Some of these cleaners contain lithium silicate, which has a reputation for leaving polished concrete floors looking sparkly clean. If you have any questions about what cleaners and equipment you should use when cleaning your polished concrete floors, speak with your floor installation or renovation specialist.

With proper maintenance and care, a polished concrete floor can retain its like-new appearance for decades. To speak with a commercial and industrial polished concrete installation and renovation specialist with nearly 50 years of experience in California, call PolishedCrete at 855-879-7654.