Polished Concrete Shine

Did you recently have you concrete floors professionally polished? If so, one of the most important tasks that you can learn how to do is keep your floors shiny. Here are some tips for maintaining the shine in your polished concrete flooring:

Scrub Floor Often

Over a short period of time, dirt and grime can collect on a polished concrete floor and decrease its shine. To deal with this issue, simply put a small amount of water on the floor and clean the affected area with a soft brush. If some of the grime remains after you do this task, add some ammonia to soapy water and pour the mixture on the floor. Afterwards, scrub the area for a few minutes. This should remove the grimy residue and make your floor look great again.

Dust and Mop Regularly

As with any surface, polished concrete floors need to be cleaned often in order to maintain their appearance. In light of this fact, you should dust and mop your concrete floor at least once a week, which will remove debris and make the floor look brand-new. For optimal results, you can apply a flooring conditioner while mopping in order to enhance the shine on the floor.

Buff Floor Annually

Even with regular cleaning, polished concrete floors can lose their luster after a long period of use. When this occurs, the most effective course of action is to apply a specialized polishing formula to the floor. If you need help finding the right product to use, talk a concrete floor polishing specialist in your area.

These are only a few of the methods you can use to keep your polished concrete floor in excellent condition. For more information on polished concrete floor upkeep, call PolishedCrete at 855-879-7654 or visit us on the web. We are a leading provider of concrete polishing services in San Francisco and would be glad to assist you with