If you currently have a concrete floor in your residential, commercial, or industrial space, polishing is a great renovation option that can improve your floor’s appearance, durability, and functionality. Here is some information about the polishing process that will help you determine whether your concrete floor is too damaged to be polished.

What Does the Polishing Process Entail?
In the most basic sense, concrete polishing involves the use of abrasives of various coarseness levels to smoothen a concrete floor. At PolishedCrete, we use sophisticated diamond abrasives in order to smooth the uneven parts of your concrete floor. In addition to diamond abrasives, we also use a special densifier to increase the hardness and durability of your concrete floor.

Can a Concrete Floor Be Too Damaged to Be Polished?
To put it simply, you do not have to worry about whether your concrete floor is too damaged to be polished. At PolishedCrete we have the ability to scrape up and thoroughly clean any other industrial coatings that might prevent us from polishing. Through the use of our diamond abrasives, we can transform your damaged concrete floor into a beautiful, smooth surface that will transform the look and feel of your property.

If you have a property with a damaged concrete floor, consider having it polished. Regardless of the current state of your concrete floor, PolishedCrete has the technology and capability to remove any industrial coatings and begin the polishing process. A polished concrete floor can revolutionize your property’s look, feel, and operation costs. If you want to learn more about how PolishedCrete can transform your damaged concrete floor, call us at 855-879-7654. Regardless of the nature of your property, taking your old, drab concrete floor and polishing it will be sure to make a world of difference.