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Many flooring options are available to business owners in San Francisco, but many have significant drawbacks. Carpet is impractical for any commercial application, because it can quickly grow mold and mildew. Wood wears down quickly with heavy foot traffic, and it can warp over time due to humidity fluctuations. Granite and marble are durable, but expensive. Here are a few reasons why low-maintenance polished concrete floors are a smart choice:

Polished Concrete Is Less Expensive than Stone Although a polished concrete floor can be more expensive to install than vinyl tiles or imitation wood composite, neither of these materials has the lifespan or durability of concrete. Natural stones such as marble are also hard and durable, but they are much more expensive than polished concrete and they can chip just as easily. Concrete floors offer the strength of stone at a much lower price point.

Polished Concrete Is Easy to Clean Wooden floors must be cleaned with special cleaners chemically formulated to protect their finish. Tile floors have grout that can quickly become dirty and stained. Concrete floors, however, can easily be cleaned with a gentle, neutral pH detergent to restore their luster and have them looking good as new. You won’t spend extra time and money on expensive cleaning products to keep your concrete floors looking spectacular.

Polished Concrete Is Extremely Resilient Floor tiles can easily become cracked, carpets get torn up or stained, and wooden boards can chip or rot. A solid polished concrete floor is more durable than any of these materials, and over its lifetime it will cost your less because you won’t have to pay for any of these routine maintenance procedures that other floors would require.

All you need to do to maintain your floors is have them polished every so often. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, call PolishedCrete today at 855-879-7654. Our unique diamond grinding systems provide an unparalleled shine to all concrete floors.