polished concrete process

Concrete is all around us. It is used to pave driveways and garage floors. Its cost-effectiveness, strength, and durability make it an essential building material for most of the skyscrapers that tower over us. Polished concrete, frequently mistaken for limestone and other natural stone materials, is even used in the construction of modern entryways and living rooms. If you are wondering how this versatile, commonplace building material is made, continue reading through this article.

Preparing the Mixture
Every good concrete slab starts with a proper base of ingredients for mixing. Most of today’s mixtures consist of a concrete paste and an aggregate of sand, gravel, and crushed stone. Variation in the makeup of the aggregate or the aggregate-to-paste ratio can have an impact on the concrete’s look, feel, and versatility.

Mixing and Pouring Concrete
Traditionally, concrete is mixed in a large mixer and poured immediately upon dispensation. These days, however, ready-mixed bags of concrete that require only water to be added have become popular. For most commercial, pre-polishing concrete pouring projects, a mixer is still used.

Drying Concrete
Once it has been compressed and smoothed, freshly poured concrete is dampened regularly or covered in an effort to retain moisture as drying takes place. This is done to prevent uneven drying, which can make finishing or polishing the concrete a struggle.

Finishing Concrete
After concrete has dried in its intended shape, it can be finished in one of several ways that will make it a more attractive and stain-resistant flooring material. From automotive repair shops to retail stores, most commercial enterprises can benefit from polishing concrete that is laid during the construction or remodeling process.

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