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Behind every beautifully polished concrete floor is a well-trained contractor who specializes in installing and resurfacing concrete floors. These specialists spend lots of time and energy making sure that your new concrete floor turns out perfectly. But what exactly do concrete flooring specialists do to bring out that glossy shine from plain concrete? Here’s a look at the some of the key processes in concrete floor polishing.

Initial Polishing Polishing is a process in which concrete floors are exposed to various levels of abrasion. Concrete polishing begins by scrubbing away thin layers of concrete using sanding machines with a rough abrasive pad. As abrasion continues, the grit of the pads becomes finer and finer, causing the imperfections in the concrete surface to become smaller and smaller.

Applying Densifiers After the floor has been polished through mechanical abrasion, concrete flooring installers will densify the concrete. Densifying is a chemical process that helps to make the concrete stronger and less prone to water and dirt infiltration. This chemical treatment penetrates the surface of the concrete, protecting the polished floor throughout.

Final Polishing and Epoxy After the densifier has been applied, concrete floors are polished again with extremely fine-grit abrasives, sometimes up to 3000-grit for super shiny floors. This process buffs out any remaining scratches or imperfections that may appear later on. Once the floor has been polished to the desired appearance, concrete floor polishers will finish the flooring using an epoxy coating. This coating forms a layer over the concrete, adding additional protection from scratches and scuff marks. Epoxy coatings will extend the life of the floor and make refinishing, polishing, or repairing damage to floor easier in the future.

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