If you’re looking to install a beautiful, durable, long-lasting floor in your commercial or industrial facility, polished concrete is a natural choice with many unique benefits. But how do you know if polished concrete flooring is right for your business? Here’s a look at four business applications for polished concrete floors.

Schools and Public Facilities Concrete floors are becoming very popular in the education industry, as well as in public buildings, churches, libraries, and other public places. Polished concrete floors are ideal for these environments because they’re low maintenance and can retain their like-new luster for a long time. Polished concrete floors are also very versatile, making it easy to match your school or public facility’s décor.

Car Showrooms and Dealerships The best way to showcase a beautiful new car is on an equally beautiful floor. Polished concrete is often used in showrooms and dealerships because it naturally provides a sleek, professional look. Polished concrete floors are the ideal surface for dealing with vehicles because they’re slip resistant and easy to clean, making driving vehicles in and out of your showroom simple and hassle free.

Grocery Stores Cheap linoleum tiles at most grocery stores look rough and beat up after only a few months. Even with regular waxing and cleaning, these tiles lose their like-new look very soon after they are first installed. Installing polished concrete flooring can be quick and easy with turn-key commercial installation, providing minimal disruption to everyday business.

Healthcare Facilities If you work in healthcare, maintaining a clean, sterilized environment is essential to protecting your patients and reassuring their families. Polished concrete flooring can be very easily maintained and cleaned, giving your patients confidence in your doctors and nurses, and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

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