Concrete History

Modern day concrete was inspired by an aggregate-and-paste based flooring material that archaeological ruins suggest has been used for more than 3,000 years. Concrete as we know it, however, has its origins in 1756. In that year, a British engineer named John Smeaton mixed pebbles and powdered brick with cement.

Some 70 years later, Portland Cement was invented by Joseph Aspdin. The process he pioneered involves the melding together of clay and crushed limestone, the result of which is a cement that is still used in many commercial concrete floors today.

The cement used in the making of concrete has not changed much over the last 200 years, but cement finishing and polishing options sure have. Today, diamond concrete floor polishing can make a concrete floor look as appealing as its more expensive hardwood or natural stone counterpart. To speak with an installation professional and supplier of polished commercial concrete flooring in the San Francisco Bay Area, call PolishedCrete at 855-879-7654.