polished concrete visual options

Though many people think that all polished concrete floors must be shiny and grey, there are in fact a host of color and design options for this material that can fit any interior design scheme. The wide variety of looks available makes polished concrete one of the most versatile flooring materials on the market. Below are just a few ideas for how to integrate polished concrete flooring into your space’s design.

Color Dyed Flooring Unlike other materials, polished concrete can be dyed almost any color to match the palette of any interior space. If you want your floor to pop with vibrant colors such as purple, blue, or yellow, dye it and finish it with a stain to bring out the brightest tones possible.

Pattern Stamped Flooring By having a design stamped into your concrete flooring, you can lend it a look reminiscent of tile, stone, slate, brick, and even wood. Choose from any texture you like, and combine this finish with staining or even dying for a truly unique look.

Saw-Cut Flooring In the hands of a skilled artisanal installer, a concrete floor can become a work of art. Saw-cut patterns, also called scoring, can help your concrete floors to make an aesthetic statement through stunning visual impact. Saw-cut designs can mimic tiles, create abstract shapes in large spaces, or even form part of intricate, artistic floor art.

Custom Logos Combining all the above processes can yield a complete unique floor, and if you so desire you can even have your company logo embedded into your flooring. This is a great way to customize your commercial space. The logo can be permanently applied before final polishing, and after it is installed all you will need to do is clean your floors with gentle detergent to keep it looking like new.

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