bay area concretes google campus floors

Joe Maty wrote a story noting how Silicon Valley tech firms are leading the pack when it come to modernizing their office space to attract the younger workforce. Published in the January issue of Concrete Decor magazine, Maty quoted Mike Price from Bay Area Concretes extensively for the story.

It only makes sense that Internet colossus Google would take an interest in cutting-edge and worker-friendly building and design concepts, with the additional asset of an environmentally friendly profile.

“It’s architectural green; it’s green building,” says Mike Price, BAC president. “And the price point is good. It’s a high-end look for lower cost.”

With a cost in the neighborhood of $4 to $5 per square foot, Price says, the installed price tag for polished concrete is comparable to vinyl composition tile (VCT). But, he points out, “the architectural possibilities are endless and the maintenance is much less with polished concrete.”

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