Should you select polished concrete flooring, you will be choosing one of the most durable materials available for your property. Once it has been professionally ground, treated, and polished, your polished concrete flooring will only require periodic sweeping to keep it looking great, along with very infrequent honing with diamond pads. Read on to learn more about the initial polishing process.

Step 1: Grinding

Once the concrete has been poured and allowed to set, the first step towards finishing the flooring is to grind the rough surface down. Professional concrete polishers will do this using a specially designed commercial floor buffer. In order to produce the flattest, most level surface possible, we will make three passes using progressively finer grit, smoothing out any rough patches that may remain behind on your flooring.

Step 2: Densifying

During this step, we treat your concrete floor with a special chemical that will penetrate the still-porous surface of your ground concrete floor. Applying a densifier reduces the floor’s permeability, making it unnecessary to apply further sealants. This compound also allows us to achieve a higher gloss with better shine, greatly improving the look of your concrete flooring. The densifier will also reduce wear and help the floor keep its color.

Step 3: Polishing

After the densifier on your floor has set, we will apply the final polishing using high quality diamond grit pads. We make several passes over the floorer using finer and finer diamond abrasive pads each time, which allows us to remove any scratches left by the previous polishing in order to create an exceptionally smooth, shiny, glossy surface. Once the initial polishing process is complete, you will never need to treat your concrete floor with any sealants or chemicals again.

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