concrete floor restaurant

In the restaurant and food service business, your choice of flooring material is very important to how comfortable and safe your business is. With in-house safety standards, sanitation requirements, state inspections, and maintenance needs, the flooring you choose needs to be durable and versatile in all kinds of conditions. With polished concrete flooring, meeting all […]

saving money

Many flooring options are available to business owners in San Francisco, but many have significant drawbacks. Carpet is impractical for any commercial application, because it can quickly grow mold and mildew. Wood wears down quickly with heavy foot traffic, and it can warp over time due to humidity fluctuations. Granite and marble are durable, but […]

life of polished concrete

When it comes to durability, polished concrete is simply in a league of its own.  When installed properly, polished concrete becomes extra dense, giving it extra strength. Furthermore, the glossy finish also helps seal the concrete and prevents liquid damage. As a result of polished concrete’s installation process and chemical hardening, you can expect your […]

polished concrete benefits

Available in an array of colors and designs, polished concrete is a versatile, multi-purpose flooring material that can provide home and business owners with years of satisfactory performance. Ideal for virtually any industrial or commercial setting, polished concrete has become a popular choice among business owners and property developers because of the following benefits: Durability […]

polished concrete infographic

When you are deciding what flooring option is right for your commercial or industrial building, consider all the ways that polished concrete floors can benefit you and the environment. Unlike tile, hardwood, or carpeted floors, polished concrete does not use any new materials. Rather, it utilizes the existing concrete flooring in your California building and […]