The great thing about polished concrete flooring is that not only does it look fantastic, but it also provides a whole host of additional benefits over other types of popular flooring materials. For a long time, concrete flooring was seen as only being suitable as a flooring material in an industrial setting. Nevertheless, in recent […]

diamond abrasive polished floor

Recently, the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) named polished concrete one of the safest floors available for consumers. This news has a big impact for floor polishing professionals and vendors–it will undoubtedly increase the demand for polished concrete floors. Not only are these floors aesthetically-pleasing and eco-friendly, they’ll suit the needs of clients who […]

Hi please take a look at this short video which just made its way on to youtube. The video is on why people are using polished concrete as their flooring solution. Key reasons for going with a polished concrete floor are great look, affordability , low maintenance costs and durability. Oh and eco-friendliness but we’ll […]

polished concrete floor benefits

Like homeowners, business owners have many options to choose from when choosing a flooring material for their commercial space. One option that has garnered popularity recently as an exceptional choice for industrial and commercial flooring is polished concrete, an aesthetically appealing material that boasts the following attributes: Versatility When all of its applications are taken […]

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If you own or operate a warehouse, you are responsible for facility upkeep. Each square foot you have adds to the time and money you will need to spend in order to keep the floors properly clean. To streamline maintenance, you should choose a flooring material that does not require constant care or frequent expensive […]