When properly installed and cared for, a concrete floor can last for several decades. Concrete floors that don’t make it this long can often be salvaged with the application of a concrete overlay. For a behind-the-scenes look at how a concrete overlay is applied and what it can do for a concrete floor, watch this […]


Should you select polished concrete flooring, you will be choosing one of the most durable materials available for your property. Once it has been professionally ground, treated, and polished, your polished concrete flooring will only require periodic sweeping to keep it looking great, along with very infrequent honing with diamond pads. Read on to learn […]


If you currently have a concrete floor in your residential, commercial, or industrial space, polishing is a great renovation option that can improve your floor’s appearance, durability, and functionality. Here is some information about the polishing process that will help you determine whether your concrete floor is too damaged to be polished. What Does the […]

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To the untrained eye, polished concrete seems like little more than regular concrete with a glossy shine. While its appearance certainly is different, however, polished concrete is much more than that. Here is some information about the role of diamond abrasive during the concrete polishing process. What Are Diamond Abrasives? When concrete is initially poured, […]

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Behind every beautifully polished concrete floor is a well-trained contractor who specializes in installing and resurfacing concrete floors. These specialists spend lots of time and energy making sure that your new concrete floor turns out perfectly. But what exactly do concrete flooring specialists do to bring out that glossy shine from plain concrete? Here’s a […]