Armadillo Willy’s is locally owned but Texas inspired. The Dublin California Armadillo Willy’s features wood-fired BBQ menu and sees plenty of traffic. When the owners needed to update their foot worn floor and chose polished concrete as their flooring of choice because they had an existing concrete slab and liked what could be done with […]

Stains from dirt, foods, and drinks can diminish the beauty of your concrete flooring. If mild soap and warm water can’t resolve your stains, there are other methods you can use to restore the look of your concrete. This video explains how to use muriatic acid to remove stains from concrete floors. Muriatic acid can […]

Concrete Floor

Maintaining your polished concrete flooring will ensure your home or business continues to look its best. The amount of traffic your floor receives will determine how often maintenance is needed. If you have questions about maintaining your concrete flooring, call PolishedCrete to speak with an experienced concrete professional. Dust Mopping As soil is ground into […]

Polished Concrete Shine

Did you recently have you concrete floors professionally polished? If so, one of the most important tasks that you can learn how to do is keep your floors shiny. Here are some tips for maintaining the shine in your polished concrete flooring: Scrub Floor Often Over a short period of time, dirt and grime can […]