polished concrete visual options

Though many people think that all polished concrete floors must be shiny and grey, there are in fact a host of color and design options for this material that can fit any interior design scheme. The wide variety of looks available makes polished concrete one of the most versatile flooring materials on the market. Below […]

life of polished concrete

When it comes to durability, polished concrete is simply in a league of its own.  When installed properly, polished concrete becomes extra dense, giving it extra strength. Furthermore, the glossy finish also helps seal the concrete and prevents liquid damage. As a result of polished concrete’s installation process and chemical hardening, you can expect your […]

polished concrete floor

To the untrained eye, polished concrete might simply appear to be concrete with a shiny or glossed surface. While the glossy look is certainly a central quality of polished concrete, it is by no means the only characteristic. Indeed, when properly prepared and installed, creating polished concrete is an extensive process that requires expertise and […]

industrial polished concrete

When you build a new industrial building, it’s important to choose the right infrastructure to meet the demands of your business. For example, an average industrial space experiences high traffic, heavy machinery, and the potential for dropped equipment and chemical spills. Taking these kinds of factors and others into account when designing your industrial space […]