Are you unsatisfied with the current flooring at your industrial, commercial, or office space? Whether it’s damaged, old, or simply unsightly, you can easily prepare your flooring material for concrete finishing with help from your San Francisco concrete flooring contractors, PolishedCrete. PolishedCrete provides customers with easy scrape-up services to remove existing flooring and coatings in […]

Concrete flooring is a durable, versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and office settings. But like any flooring material, a little bit of maintenance is necessary to keep your floor looking beautiful throughout its life. To give your concrete floor a like-new look, have your concrete floors refinished […]


When it comes to renovating your property, there are a number of different contractors you can choose from. Fortunately there are ways to determine whether a contractor is reliable and adheres to the highest standards of quality. When a contractor has been accredited by the Concrete Polishing Association of America, for example, you can rest […]


If you currently have a concrete floor in your residential, commercial, or industrial space, polishing is a great renovation option that can improve your floor’s appearance, durability, and functionality. Here is some information about the polishing process that will help you determine whether your concrete floor is too damaged to be polished. What Does the […]

Polished concrete offers a world of benefits. In addition to durability, polished concrete is also versatile and can be custom designed to fit your tastes. In this video you will learn about ways to personalize your concrete floor. Flooring is an integral part of your home’s design. Its color and design can help define a […]