Polished Concrete Shine

Many business owners and commercial property owners install polished concrete flooring in their buildings. Compared to carpet, tile, vinyl, and wood, polished concrete requires very little maintenance. By following just a few simple tips, it is very easy to keep a polished concrete floor looking new, even with daily heavy traffic. Although you do not […]

When choosing a flooring material for your commercial space, maintenance is one of the key factors to consider. Selecting a high maintenance flooring material such as wood or carpet will greatly increase your maintenance costs over the lifetime of the property. Although there is no such thing as a maintenance-free floor, installing polished concrete can […]

eco friendly polished concrete

Environmental awareness is more important than ever. Whether you are exploring flooring options for a residential, commercial, or industrial property, being eco-friendly can yield significant benefits for your property and for the environment. Here are some ways polished concrete is an eco-friendly alternative to other commercial flooring options. Concrete Production is Environmentally Friendly When compared […]

concrete floor restaurant

In the restaurant and food service business, your choice of flooring material is very important to how comfortable and safe your business is. With in-house safety standards, sanitation requirements, state inspections, and maintenance needs, the flooring you choose needs to be durable and versatile in all kinds of conditions. With polished concrete flooring, meeting all […]

polished concrete slip

Polished concrete flooring is an ideal surface material for a wide variety of applications ranging from retail, industrial, office space, and more. But like all flooring materials, ensuring that your concrete floor is safe for use in a wide variety of environments is essential. Slip coefficients help installers determine how slip-resistant polished concrete flooring is, […]