Are you interested in making your concrete floors more appealing? Then you should consider having them colored by a concrete polishing company. In addition to looking fantastic, colored concrete floors can boost property value, among numerous other benefits. In this video, you will see the process of how concrete flooring is colored. A flooring professional […]

polished concrete floor benefits

Like homeowners, business owners have many options to choose from when choosing a flooring material for their commercial space. One option that has garnered popularity recently as an exceptional choice for industrial and commercial flooring is polished concrete, an aesthetically appealing material that boasts the following attributes: Versatility When all of its applications are taken […]

polished concrete process

Concrete is all around us. It is used to pave driveways and garage floors. Its cost-effectiveness, strength, and durability make it an essential building material for most of the skyscrapers that tower over us. Polished concrete, frequently mistaken for limestone and other natural stone materials, is even used in the construction of modern entryways and […]

Concrete History

Modern day concrete was inspired by an aggregate-and-paste based flooring material that archaeological ruins suggest has been used for more than 3,000 years. Concrete as we know it, however, has its origins in 1756. In that year, a British engineer named John Smeaton mixed pebbles and powdered brick with cement. Some 70 years later, Portland […]