polished concrete is eco friendly

Boasting all of the benefits of traditional concrete, but with an added aesthetic appeal that hard, grey concrete cannot offer, polished concrete is a desirable and valuable flooring material. To learn more about the advantages it has over other commercial flooring options, browse through the following resources. To read about the role that polished concrete […]

The brilliant sheen and smooth appearance of polished concrete floors leads many consumers to believe that they are slippery. When kept clean and dry, however, polished concrete floors are no more slippery than most other hard flooring surfaces. In fact, they are less slippery than polished marble, wax linoleum, and other common shiny flooring materials. […]

polished concrete maintenance

Polished concrete provides business owners with a safe and attractive flooring option that is durable enough to withstand the heavy everyday use to which it is subjected. In the world of flooring, polished concrete is considered to be a low-maintenance material. If you make a concerted effort to have members of your team follow the […]